What To Wear To Mardi Gras?

What To Wear To Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras - the biggest street party in the world. We are currently popping up in Sydney for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations and we are SO excited to be here!

You can catch us doing pop up markets with the famous LGBTQI venue the Imperial Pub on the 24th Feb and the week later we are curating our very own Mardi Gras Market with the Forresters Hotel in Surry Hills! Expect rainbows, (bio) glitter, and lots of naughty Mardi Gras surprises. There will also be DJs spinning lots of Cher and all the hot dogs and dranks a girl can shake a stick at! See-you-there!

So back to your Mardi Gras look - I get it, you love to dress up but don't want to buy any throwaway festival tat right? Costume shops are a BIG no no - when are you going to wear that novelty bow tie/ suspenders again? Never that's when. 

But GUYS never ever fear, Sparklebutt is here! We are a selection of super sparkly clothes and accessories to make sure you are the belle of the Sissy Ball! All of our products are handmade and promise to last a lifetime, so you can rock them again at festivals, parties and Mardi Gras celebrations forever more!

Rainbow AND sparkly - Sparklebutt is the BEST place to shop for your Mardi Gras outfit. Here is our full RAINBOW collection aka Mardi Gras collection of dreams. 

1. Rainbow Sparklenuts

Our most popular product by FAR these rainbow and gold flip sequin mens leggings are show-stopping and when you wear them you will feel like a human disco ball - I guarantee it!


2. Rainbow Gold Sequin Booty Shorts

I mean - how FAB are these shorts?! If I do say so myself, these attention seeking shorts are short enough to turn all the heads and give your butt maximum shine. Fully lined so they're super comfy - you'll be able to bust all the moves on the dance floor - no stressin'


3. Rainbow Bunny Ears

Our unisex sequin bunny ears headband is the perfect accessory to top of your look.Wear them with the full Sparklebutt sequin outfit or, with nothing at all? Very Pride-tastic! Made of malleable wire so you can bend your ears into any shape - excited, confused, now you can become that Mardi Gras playboy bunny you've always dreamed of! 

4. Rainbow Sequin Halter Top

This one is for the girls - our sequin halter top is made of the same signature Sparklebutt sequins as above. The straps are fully adjustable so they fit all the boobies - all shapes and sizes. We have two sizes, S/M (pictured) and M/L which is a little longer. 


So that's all folks, obviously ALL Sparklebutt sequin outfits are perfect for your Mardi Gras outfit. We have 5 two way sequin colours for you to choose from so don't stop at Rainbow! Shop the whole collection - duh! 

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