Transform Your Sparkles: Can Sequin Dresses and Clothing Be Altered?

Transform Your Sparkles: Can Sequin Dresses and Clothing Be Altered?

Sequin dresses and clothing have an undeniable charm. The shimmering allure of sequins makes them a go-to choice for those of us who want to dazzle at special occasions. But what if your sequin party piece doesn't quite fit as you'd hoped? Fear not, because at Sparklebutt, we're here to answer the burning question: Can sequin dresses and clothing be altered? The answer is YES, and in this blog, we'll unveil the secrets to achieving a perfect fit, enhancing your style, and making your sequin attire truly shine.

Sequins and Your Perfect Fit

Sequins add a magical touch to clothing, but they also bring unique challenges when it comes to alterations. 

The first step in altering sequin clothing is to carefully assess the garment. Identify areas that require alteration, whether it's the length, the fit, or other modifications. 

We have many customers who have altered the length of our sequin party pants to make them shorter (or an inch or two longer), our sequin dresses or even adjusting out sequin T-Shirts to make them cropped or sleeveless! 

Sequin Dress Alterations: Our Expert Insights

What does it take to alter sequin dresses with finesse at home? From all of our years in making sequin party wear, we have mastered the art of working with sequins. Our director Ashlee actually started making the sequin pants one by one in her bedroom! So the one top tip she has: Use a leather needle! The sequins can break regular needles (we know this from experience!). So you need the sharp point of a leather needle to cut through. 

Actionable Tips for Altering Sequin Party Clothing

In all honesty - Sequins are a pretty difficult fabric to work with. Depending on your sequin sewing skill set, doing simple sequin pants or sequin dress amends can be easily done at home. Making the pants shorter or the dress shorter should be easily achieved on a home sewing machine - don't forget your leather needle!. 

But for more complicated sequin dress and clothing alternations, we highly recommend just taking your items to your local tailor. With the right needle and machine power - anything can be possible!

Unleash the potential of your sequin clothing, and ensure that your next event becomes an opportunity to shine, both in style and confidence. 

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