Show Offs - The Illustrious Blacks

Show Offs - The Illustrious Blacks
I met these two at a very magical festival in New Zealand called Splore where they were performing. THE ILLUSTRIOUS BLACKS are party starters from another planet. Part DJ/part dancing queens these guys are a whhooolleee lot of FUN! 

Illustrious Blacks

Plus, they have just released their new single TECHNEGROCOLOR! 

Name: The Illustrious Blacks

Where do you live? Planet Brooklyn, located in a far away universe called New York.

Where do you work? Interplanetary

What are your favourite disco track/s? We made a whole disco playlist for you! Its on the Sparklebutt Spotify HERE

What was the best party you have ever attended? The best party we’ve been to is the one where we met. It was in D.C. and the legendary and recently departed Sam “The Man” Burns was spinning House. We were both dancing alone, but ended up gravitating toward each other on the dance floor. We ended up dancing together for the rest of the night. That was the beginning of The Illustrious Blacks.

What is your go to party snack or drink or both? Champagne! Champagne! Champagne!

Where is your favourite place to party? We looove festivals the most: Splore (New Zealand), Roskilde (Denmark), Return to Rio (Australia) & Garden Beats (Singapore). 

What Sparklebutts do you have? We rock the lovely green, sequins bell-bottoms! They fit us like a second skin!

How do your Sparklebutts make you feel? They make us feel that we’re truly living the hype life!

Anything else you want to show-off with your fellow Sparklebutts? We send much love to our fellow Sparklebutts! Join us on our IG, Facebook and Twitter (@theillustriousblacks)  to find out when we’ll be teleporting to a town near u. In the meantime, in between time....LIVE THE HYPE LIFE!

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