Our Top 5 Parties

Our Top 5 Parties

If you've landed here it's probably because you're a hedonistic party animal like us. We LOVE to party and have danced on many tables around the world. Summer isn't too far off and we wanted to share our top 5 parties with you so you tick them off your bucket list this year! 

Have we left one off that you think is a MUST DANCE!? Send us an email and let us know! We want to be on all the party secrets! 

Sparklebutts top 5 parties:

Splore Festival

5. Splore! New Zealand's BEST festival. Held on a beach front national park, Splore is a must if you're planning a summer trip to the pacific. Where else can you watch the main stage performances while floating in the ocean?! You can even get boat parking instead of camping and row your boat in! An all ages, colourful, glittery, floaty fun time. Go! 


House of Yes

4.  House of YES! Our top 5 list is mainly festivals but we could NOT miss House of YES off this list. 2022's answer to Studio 54, if you're heading to New York this year you must must must stop by House of YES. Part rave, part performance art, part drag show, part cabaret, part absolute fucking amazing dance party. At least give them a follow on Instagram so you can feel like you're part of their most coolest, welcoming, fun loving community of party people! 

Secret Garden Party

3. Secret Garden Party! After a few years hiatus, Secret Garden Party, the UK's most magical festival is BACK this year and we are PUMPED! If you haven't experienced this festival yet you gotta get there in July! Start your day off with yoga and a talk, partake in some naked mud wrestling by lunch, row to the middle of the lake for a dance in the afternoon and when the sun goes down who knows what corner of this magical place will take you. Bring your best costume game (ahem Sparklebutts), the Gardeners do not fuck about. 

Meadows in the mountains

2. Meadows In the Mountains! In June each year a small group of party people from all over Europe gather on top of a mountain in a small village of Bulgaria to dance. Camp in a yurt on the mountain or hire a house in a village and stay with a lovely local. The festival features a varied music programme from dance DJs to world music live bands, you will not stop dancing. 

Burning Man

1. Burning Man of course!!! If you were lucky enough to bag a ticket in last weeks sale, you've got something very special coming for you. Held in the Nevada Desert at the end of August each year, this community gathering is the most unique, magical, life changing place on earth. Not only a place to dance, Burning Man is filled with totally wild, unique experiences, art of all shapes and sizes, the friendliest and most welcoming people and honestly I don't know to sum it up in one paragraph, but if you're up for getting a little (lot) dusty, an adventure to Burning Man is a once in a lifetime MUST! 


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