How to Make a Mezcal Margarita

How to Make a Mezcal Margarita

Welcome to our new cocktail mini-series! This is a fun little collaboration I did with my friend Jack who runs an amateur cocktail making instagram account called 'Jacks Cocks'. 

Above: A very high resolution outtake (lol) from our professional content production.
Ashlee is wearing our Oversized Orange Sequin Scrunchie and Jack is wearing our Pink Sequin T-Shirt. 


In our first mini cocktail masterclass, Jack shows me how easy it is to make a Mezcal Margarita. I don't know how I got this far in life without realising just how dangerously easy it is to make margs but now that I know....

You can watch the full episode here on our instagram account (don't forget to like and subscribe!). If you'd rather read the instructions, see below. 

This week we are making the traditional Easter cocktail (😅) - Mezcal Margaritas 🇲🇽

Only 3 ingredients!

- Mezcal (2 and half ounces)
- Triple Sec (just over an ounce)
- Lime juice (just over an ounce)

+ salt for a good rim job

Shake it all up with lots of ice. And it’s done! 10/10 yum.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition ✌️

Happy long weekend babes! 💖


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