Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

If you haven't gathered already, here at Sparklebutt we LOVE a dress up! 

The best thing about our sequin leggings is not only that they're unisex, so you can share and share alike, BUT they really can be styled for any occasion, sometimes you just need a little inspiration! Most of our glorious customers buy our sequin trousers for a festival or a special occasion so we LOVE to give you more reasons to pull them out, year-round! Halloween is OBVIOUSLY a perfect excuse to slide into your Sparklebutts! 

For Halloween this year, we want to see all the Sparklebutts around the world in costume! So we have pulled together some extra special Halloween costume ideas for you, so you have no excuse not to dress up! 

We love to see how you style and dress up your Sparklebutts for all occasions, so make sure you tag us so we can share your creations with the world! On that note, we are always looking for brands that look 🔥 with our sparkles, so keep up the tagging and amazing styling and have the best Halloween season ever!!! 


LAST DATES FOR HALLOWEEN ORDERS (To arrive on 29th October): 

International Standard: 15th October

International Express: 22nd October

UK Standard: 25th October

UK Express: 27th October


Batman Halloween Costume


BATMAN COSTUME: Sparklebutt Black Sequin Trousers. Spiderweb top: ASOS, mask and cape, Any big chunky black boots! 

Cruella Halloween Costume

CRUELLA COSTUME: Sparklebutt Black Sequin Leggings, wig, cigarette holder, puppy toy, dalmatian shirt: Topshop, red pointy heeled boots


Cheshire Cat Costume 

Cheshire Cat Halloween Costume: Sparklebutt Pink Sequin Leggings,  pink tail: Telltails, pink velvet turtle neck, pink glitter boots.

Ken doll costume

KEN DOLL COSTUME: Sparklebutt pink sequin pants, bright hawaiian shirt, blue neckerchief, plastic wig, gold belt, white trainers and LOADS of baby oil for that sleek sheen hon! 


The Joker Costume

THE JOKER COSTUME: Sparklebutt green sequin trousers, green wig and smudged clown makeup, purple blazer, white shirt with green plaid waistcoat and yellow tie and black dress shoes. 


Mermaid Costume

MERMAID (or MERMAN) COSTUME: Sparklebutt green sequin leggings,  shell bra, Susy Seashells (Etsy),  sequin kimono: L.O.M, extra long pink wig and rubber fish slippers. 

Elton John Costume

ELTON JOHN COSTUME: Sparklebutt gold sequin trousers, Gold biker jacket, feather collar: Miami Feathers (Etsy), Heart sunglasses: Bottle Blonde, Gold and Silver heeled shoes. 

Fembot Costume

FEMBOT COSTUME: Sparklebutt gold sequin leggings, Gold crop top: Alice McCall, blonde bouffant wig, pink plastic hair clips, long white gloves and pink fluffy heels. 

Mad Hatter Costume

MAD HATTER COSTUME: Sparklebutt rainbow sequin trousers, Mens floral shirt, brown tweed coat, Mad Hatter hat: Mad4Hats (Etsy), pocket watch and purple leather boots. 


Ringmaster Costume

RINGMASTER COSTUME: Sparklebutt Rainbow Leggings, black and red top hat, black corset, red ringmaster jacket, black and red whip, knee high lace up black heeled boots. 


There's 10 costume ideas for you to choose from kids! I look forward to seeing what you all conjure up this Halloween, tag us in your lewks so we can see how you work it this Halloween! 


PS a BIG thanks to my BFF and circus performer extraordinaire, Tess Munro Pedreros, for helping me put these outfits together!!! 



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