Sparklebutt on BBC Dragons Den!


Last Thursday 26th January, our director Ashlee Ackland, as one article called it, sashayed into the den and faced the Dragons on the BBC - Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Steven Barlett and Peter Jones!

Ashlee Ackland pitching Sparklebutt on BBC Dragons Den episode 4 season 20

If you missed it catch it here on iplayer. 

Intent on bringing the party to the Dragons' Den, along with our two friends Sol and Soph from The Provibers,  we certainly did just that! 

After confessing in the pre-interview that she wasn't sure if Touker Suleyman would 'get' Sparklebutt, Ashlee was then left eating. her. words. when Touker eagerly slid into some of our Emerald Green Sequin Shorts and showed the viewers his best dancing moves! HOW GOOD WAS THAT!  

Touker Suleyman Dancing in Sparklebutt Sequins on Dragons Den

Ashlee gave a passionately sparkly pitch in our gold sequin party pants. Which ended with Sol clicking his fingers in support - Deborah loved it and Peter Jones laughed that he thought it meant 'show me the money'. It broke the tension in the room and eased Ashlee into the questioning round. 

She got grilled by all the dragons and even shut Steven Bartlett down with her knowledge of the size of the festival market in the UK and USA. Ashlee knew all her numbers and answered all the questions the Dragons threw at her without breaking a sweat (spoiler alert: She was actually TERRIFIED). 

In the end all of the Dragon's opted out, based mainly off the size and stage of her business. Peter Jones said he wanted to take his pair home to Tara (he actually did!) and Stephen Bartlett said he would 'definitely buy a pair to wear to festivals'.

Even though we didn't get investment from a Dragon this time, we are super proud of the experience and are so grateful for all of the messages of love and support we have been overwhelmed with since the airing! 

In the past week since the episode aired, our social media following has grown almost 2000 people and our sales have been going insane, we have sold out of loads of colours and sizes already. With festival season still months away yet we are so excited to see so many sparkly butts in the fields this year! 

So if you're new here, welcome! Thanks for coming on board our party bus and see you on a dance floor soon,

- Team Sparklebutt